Hey there. I know that sometimes you just need help and support. Whilst I’m only one person without support staff and no funding I can’t possibly reply to everyone. However, I’ll do my best in any case. If for some reason I don’t reply… don’t take it personally.

If you’re interested in the release notes, you can find them here.

The best way to get in touch:


Gluon is free for both Android and iOS users.

If you want to support the app, please tell your friends and followers. The App Store reviews will always get cleared out, as they are not important to me.

If you'd like to contribute with money, you can support me directly in different ways. Check out the site for options. deserves a great app and also deserves a bigger user base; it’s an awesome community. The more people that know about the better (and of course Gluon! 😬). You already have potential upfront costs for using and it would be wrong to make this a paid app.

Gluon is created by an independent developer, and I am human, and not a VC funded corporation or start-up... or AI ❤️.

iOS TestFlight

Because people like to test new and shiny things, and perhaps think that the app is abandoned, I welcome you to join the iOS beta below.

TestFlight builds come quick and fast when I'm actively working on it, so please keep that in mind.

Gluon will most likely crash, or cause headaches, during the beta. That's just how it works. But sometimes there are cool new features to try out.

The TestFlight version can be found here.


Gluon displays friendly ads on the Discover section of the app. You can read more about how they look here, or check out the screenshot.

If you’d like to know more, or want to get the word out about your own podcast, app, or otherwise:

Promoted content starts at a cost of $10 (plus tax) per week, with no more than 10 slots available at a time in the same week. If you're active on and have a small little side venture, it's as little as $3 per week (but we can talk about it). If you'd like to purchase more than one slot, you may do so.

Gluon serves over 5200 views per 30 days for the discover section.

Note: I deserve the right to refuse any content that I personally deem not appropriate for the audience.

Ads are served by myself with my own custom app built for this purpose alone, Sublime Ads — which means it’s privacy conscious and totally awesome.