Hey there. I know that sometimes you just need help and support. Whilst I’m only one person without support staff and no funding I can’t possibly reply to everyone. However, I’ll do my best in any case. If for some reason I don’t reply… don’t take it personally.

If you’re interested in the release notes, you can find them here.

The best way to get in touch:


Gluon is free for both iOS and Android users. At the moment there aren’t many apps available for, especially on Android. So to avoid user frustration I decided to make it free. Android users are usually under-served, so this is my way of saying “sorry that everyone loves iOS”.

If you want to support the app, please leave a good review in the App Store of your choosing. deserves a great app and also deserves a bigger user base; it’s an awesome community. The more people that know about the better (and of course Gluon! 😬). You already have potential upfront costs for using and it would be wrong to make this a paid app. Yes, there will be a tip jar at some stage...

Gluon is created by an independent developer and not a VC funded corporation or start-up ❤️.


You’re more than welcome to test the app on iOS via TestFlight.

If you do sign up please be aware that you’re on a slower release test cycle and you’ll receive an updated version a few days before I send out the update to the public version.

The TestFlight version can be found here.