Release notes for both the iOS and Android version of the app. Thank you to everyone reporting bugs and for providing me with feature requests. If there is anything get in touch with me.

Version 2020.6, released 2020-11-18

  • iOS

Hello, and welcome to the next version of Gluon.

Not many features in this one, but it’s an important one that fixes a few new things and gets things tidied up for iOS14.

  • Fixes an issue with links not opening when choosing a different default browser.
  • Fixes an issue when you first log into the app, and no posts are shown. Now they show. Rejoice!
  • Fixes an issue when a modal would be dismissed when opening the in-app browser. Sorry for that.

And whilst we’re at it, recently launched "2.0" (two point oh). That means a few things were renamed.

  • Favorites are now "bookmarks".

New stuff exists also!

  • Tapping on a mention notification now opens "mentions" within the app and highlights the message with a little green dot. The green dot disappears after a minute or so.
  • Included with the above, there is an extra option to open up the actual conversation. Just saves you those extra taps. Find it in Nitpicky. Thanks Odd!

What else? Hmmm… That’s it for now. Hope you enjoy it.

As always, I never ask for a review - so if you’re willing, please leave one. It means the world to me!

Thank you for driving me to make Gluon better over time. Can’t wait to show you what’s next.

- Vincent

Version 2020.5, released 2020-09-03

  • iOS

Hello and welcome to the next release of Gluon. I'm pretty excited about this one as it paves way for the next chapter in Gluon's short history.

As always, I want to say thank you to every single one of you that has contributed with your kind messages of support and feature requests. I know I cannot grant every wish, however I think this update ticks a lot of boxes.

So let's get to it:

  • New timeline syncing mechanism. You cried and I listened (and also cried). So now your feed should update and fill in the gaps the best it can. No more missing posts for you.
  • Allow and display multiple sites if your account has more than one "blog" hosted on That means you can easily select which blog you want to post to with a simple tap right in the post editor or selecting it in the "More" screen. Thanks to everyone requesting this feature! It was fun... most of the time... to implement.
  • Categories update as you select a new site, if you use the above feature. It deserves its own point. I'm proud of it.
  • challenges! Yup, you heard me correctly. These now display in the Discover timeline if and when one is announced. That used to be a manual job, but now comes via the Gluon API!
  • Oh and now we come to bug fixes. There are a lot in here. Thank you so much to everyone telling me about your bugs. They've been bugging me, so I made sure to address some of those.
  • Slightly reduced app size... you heard me correctly!
  • Oh and something special... but I can't say more... except that it's pink!

Did I miss something? Probably.

I hope you're happy with this release as I am.

Again thank you so much to everyone. I couldn't do this without you.

If you feel like leaving a review... then please do!

Oh and thanks for reading the release notes... let me know if you did :)

Onto the next exciting chapter for Gluon! Can't wait to share it with you all.

- Vincent

Version 2020.4.1, released 2020-06-26

  • iOS

24 hours later and yet another update! This one includes bug fixes for image uploads failing. So sorry for that 😔

In addition I tweaked:

  • Pull to refresh no longer causes multiple calls to the service.
  • Links open as they used to instead of a modal. So now you can back swipe like a champion!
  • Some other last minute tweaks… because I do that.

And if you’re wondering what I released 24 hours ago in the actual 2020.4 update you can read the release notes here.

Thank you all for your feedback ❤️

- Vincent

Version 2020.4, released 2020-06-25

  • iOS
  • Android

I'm back with another update for you all. It’s taken a bit longer than I wanted… life threw some random curve balls!

So, let’s get to it:

  • You can now remove your posts so they no longer show in the timeline. Made a weird reply? Just remove it and start again. It’s a right swipe away.
  • Add the Discover “Tagmoji” when composing your post. This means it will get added to the correct Discover More section on Just tap the “#” icon in the post screen.
  • Tweaked the Appearance section, which now works instantly! BOOM. KAAPOW! Have a play and find your favourite combination.
  • Added a font size setting so you can refine your preferred font size for the timeline, reply and post screens, on top of the system settings. Need 60 points of font size…? Do it!
  • Added a status check, which will alert you if the service is down or not. It’ll also offer to show you the status page on the “More” screen.
  • Fixes an issue when you’re following over 1,000 followers and your reply pane became… S… L… O… W. No more!
  • Fixed an issue with account switching.
  • Some wording tweaks and a sprinkle of emoji.
  • Fix a handful of wonderful bugs!
  • Overall UI tweaks and fixes here and there.

That's it for now and no doubt I forgot a few things.

Happy blogging and see you soon with another update ❤️✌️

Note for iOS users: Currently image uploading is a bit broken and won’t work 🤬. An update will be out soon with a fix.

Version 2020.3, released 2020-04-13

  • iOS
  • Android

Here are the release notes for this release. There are many little tweaks here and there and I doubt I have them all here.

  • Posting now allows you to add categories to your posts, using the toolbar.
  • Replying now allows you to view the item you’re replying to, just tap on the “replying to” text.
  • In replies, you can now @-mention someone and it will auto-suggest anyone in your following list.
  • Your profile now displays your Pins that you have earned on
  • Along with the pins the profile screens have been updated for easier navigation with clearer buttons and actions.
  • The timeline now attempts to stay nicely on your last post, allowing new posts to show without loosing your spot. Also includes a “new” indicator.
  • Feed sync has greatly been improved and should work faster, and also update past posts much better.
  • Nitpicky settings, found in the “More” screen, for your pleasure - Show character count when typing, display full names and so much more like the image proxy for when you need to save a bit data.
  • An overhaul of the “More” screen.
  • The reply and post screens have been overhauled to work much better.
  • Fixes issues with account switching.
  • Many under-the-hood UI tweaks, for example tweaked swipe actions.
  • And so much more

Thank you so very much to everyone using Gluon and your continued feedback and suggestions! ❤️✌️

Version 2020.2, released 2020-02-19

  • Android

Hello dear Android users,

This update is for you and brings the app up to date with what the iOS version is running.

Here is a quick overview of what has changed and, hopefully, fixed:

  • Adds draft support for posts. Now you can start a new post and finish later. Find drafts in the “More” screen under “Posting”->”Drafts”.
  • Mute filter. Mute unwanted words or a user if you need to. You can find it in the “More” screen.
  • New swipe right action for a timeline item allowing you to add it to favourites, reply and others.
  • Report a user - you can now report a user to
  • Profile actions - on any user profile you can now pull up more actions by pressing on the top right button in the navigation bar.
  • Hopefully fixed a crashing bug when you typed too fast on the “new post” screen.
  • Some other tweaks and fixes that affect the general performance of the app.
  • Adds the February challenge to the Discover screen; take those pictures.
  • Fixes a few crashing issues with when tapping a URL in a timeline item.
  • Better handling of your timeline position when new items are loading when you have scrolled down.

As always, thank you for your feedback. If you’d like to leave a review in the Play Store I would greatly appreciate it.

Version 2020.2, released 2020-02-17

  • iOS

Hello everyone,

This update includes many tweaks and fixes:

  • Better handling of your timeline position when new items are loading when you have scrolled down.
  • Mute filtering is so much faster now; no more waiting!
  • Adds the February challenge to the Discover screen; take those pictures.
  • Fixes a few crashing issues with when tapping a URL in a timeline item, namely webcal links.

Version 2020.1, released 2020-02-11

  • iOS

The initial iOS release 🥳

Version 2020.1, released 2020-01-08

  • Android

The initial Android release ✌️