As an independent developer, I take your privacy seriously and value you as a human being!


Gluon does not collect or store any personal data. Gluon secures your login information (the Gluon App Token), securely, on device and, optionally, on the Gluon sync server.

When enabling push notifications, your Gluon token (and the push notification token) is transmitted securely to our server. This allows Gluon to fetch your mentions and ultimately send push notifications to your device. This token is encrypted in the database and is not human readable. Your token is always specific to the App and you always have the option to revoke it on your account page.

The sync service, right now, only handles push notifications but may include new optional features down the line.

3rd parties:

Gluon, the app, doesn't use 3rd party crash log services. Gluon web services uses for all server error handling.

Gluon is an app designed for which means that an account is required. You can see the Privacy Policy here.


The Gluon website uses it's own homegrown private analytics.

I respect you as a human being.


We use some icons and graphics from the folks over at Streamline HQ.