A beautiful, nimble and customisable app purposely built for


5/5 Highly rated app across the globe (except that one person)

A collection of screenshots of the Gluon app

Gluon is a opinionated, yet customisable, app built specifically for

With Gluon, you can do the following:

  • View your timeline, mentions and bookmarks.
  • Reply and post to and also set bookmarks.
  • Add multiple accounts to the app with quick switching between them.
  • Browse the discovery feed including all the “emoji” tagged discover sections.
  • Search users and posts on
  • View user profiles and follow, or, unfollow.
  • Customise the app from accent colours, timeline fonts, icons and much more.
  • Mute filtering and ability to block users from showing on the Gluon timeline.
  • Small app download size (under ~10MB).
  • And so much more, like custom push notifications, profile emoji's and accent colours to show the world.

We're working on something new

We're working on a new version of Gluon, and this comes with a new website (this one, that's not quite ready).

You can visit the old one here.

What about Android?

I suggest you use the official for Android, which I've built and is open sourced. Currently Gluon is no longer maintained on Android until the new version ships, which might not be until next year (2024).

You can get the official Android app here.